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Katherine Agnew

Glasgow & The Clyde Valley
Jewellery Designer Maker

Inspired by the rich landscape of the Scottish Highlands, my designs are created by repeating the intricate patterns rooted in this natural environment. To build a strong connection between each piece in my collection, I build the structures from the same form and use traditional jewellery making techniques of; piercing, scoring and folding to create 3D faceted structures, and press forming for a softer 3D form.

The main structures of of the jewellery are made from precious metals; colour and contrast is then introduced through the use of pearls and gemstones.
Katherine Agnew
Beat & the Pulse Pendant
Clover Earrings
Clover Flower Earrings
Clover Flower Full
Clover Pendant Double - 18ct Gold Plated
Clover Pendant Double - Silver