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Pickering's Gin - 70 cl bottle
Pickering's Gin - 70 cl bottle
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Pickering’s gin is based on an original Bombay recipe, handwritten on a fragment of paper dated 17 July 1947. Kept as a family secret for over 66 years, it only resurfaced in 2013 when we (Matt and Marcus) began distilling at Summerhall.

We have now fine-tuned the recipe, perfecting its balance of botanicals and tweaking it to the contemporary palate. The result is a spectacularly smooth, refreshing and flavoursome gin.

The 9 botanicals – juniper, coriander, cardamon, angelica, fennel, anise, lemon, lime and cloves – are carefully measured and added to the grain spirit in a 500 litre copper still. Named Gert.

The secret of the gin’s smoothness is Gert’s ingenious, custom-designed bain marie heating system. This provides a gentle all-over-heat to the still. Thus the botanicals enjoy a luxurious simmer that coaxes out their subtle, soft, highly drinkable flavours.

Pickering’s is so smooth you can actually have a shot of it neat. But it also makes a cracking G&T. We recommend:

- Thin-rimmed highball glass
- 50ml (double measure) Pickering’s Gin
- 150ml (small can) tonic – Schweppes Indian Tonic Water if you like your G&T with a decent amount of fizz
- 4 medium Pickering’s and Tonic ice cubes – so your G&T doesn’t dilute as you drink it
- Fresh lemongrass, quartered and split OR a segment of fresh pink grapefruit
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