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'Bracadale' Leather Necklace
'Bracadale' Leather Necklace
£34.00 (€51.03)
'Island' Textile Necklace
'Island' Textile Necklace
£34.00 (€51.03)
'Isles' Collection, Stone pendant 1.
'Isles' Collection, Stone pendant 2.
'Lochbay' Collection, Glass pendant 6
'Lochbay' Collection, Glass Ring 1
'Lochbay' Collection, Glass Ring 2
'Lochbay' Collection, Glass Ring 3
'Lochbay' Collection, Sea Glass Brooch-1
'Lochbay' Collection, Sea Glass Brooch-2
'Lochbay' Collection, Sea Glass Brooch-3
'Lochbay' Collection, Sea Glass Brooch-4

Scottish handmade necklaces

Gorgeous necklaces from our independent Scottish designers from across Scotland. From established names such as Ola Gorie to graduates showing thier first collections, our pieces range for the striking and contemporary to the more traditional celtic designs and are available in silver or gold.