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How it works

About madefromscotland

Madefromscotland.com is an online marketplace dedicated to promoting individual Scottish designer-producers and creative businesses. Each business, in effect, has their own shop within our website where they can sell their products.

You can browse the products available and make purchases from one or many of the different designer-producers and businesses on the site using one transaction.  We accept all major credit and debit cards or you can use your PayPal account to complete the purchase if you have one.

Buying items on our site

We do not own the products that are on the site and if you make a purchase you are buying that item from the designer-producer and not from us.  The item will be sent out to you directly from them.

You can contact the designer-producer to ask questions about their business, their products, delivery of items or if you are experiencing any issues, through the ‘contact the designer-producer’ button which can be found either one the product page or the home page of the designer-producer.

Quality and service

Each business that joins the site has met our quality standards in terms of their products, packaging and processes and has agreed to our terms and conditions and Returns Policy.  These emphasise our values of excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship.  We are here, however, to assist if you do experience any issues that cannot be resolved with the individual designer-producer first.  Please see the contact us page for our details.