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wedding guest accessories

The Sophisticate Bow Tie - Blocks
FEATHERnecklace, gold canvas
FEATHERnecklace, gold canvas
£55.00 (€82.55)
Signature Jewellery - Drop Pearl Earrings
Venus Headpiece in Cerise
Venus Headpiece in Cerise
£80.00 (€120.08)
The Gentleman Bow Tie - Red Fleur de Lis
The Gentleman Bow Tie - Royal Stewart Tartan
The Slim Jim Bow Tie - Holyrood Tartan
The Gentleman Bow Tie - Black Watch Tartan
The Sophisticate Bow Tie - Royal Stewart Tartan
FEATHERcuff, rose silver leather
Daisy Studs
Daisy Studs
£30.00 (€45.03)
The Gentleman Bow Tie - St. Andrews Tartan

Scottish Wedding Guest Accessories

Here is just a selection of some of the accessories form our independent Scottish Designers that would make a great addition to an outfit for a wedding!