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How much does it cost to sell on the site?

We have a range of bespoke packages to suit your business.  Each package is made up of two parts, a yearly fee plus a commission payment of a percentage of the selling price for each item sold through us.

What if I do not have ‘professional’ photographs of my products?

It is not always necessary to have professional photographs taken of your products.  The team at madefromscotland.com can assist you when it comes to making the most of the presentation and merchandising of your product range.

My products are not made in Scotland, can I still apply to sell on the site?

Although the majority of the products for sale on our site are produced in Scotland, we know, that for various reasons, this is not always possible.  For that reason we ask that if the products are not produced in Scotland, that the business is based in Scotland.

I am not a computer expert, what if I get stuck?

Please do not worry, your dedicated Account Manager will help to get you started and be on hand as your business develops with us.

I am a recent graduate, can I still apply?

Yes.  We encourage recent graduates to apply to join us.  Please contact us, via the Application Form, and we can discuss our seller package for graduates.

How do I apply to become a seller on the site?

Please submit an Application Form and we will contact you to discuss your products further.

What do you look for in a seller?

Apart from the connection with Scotland, we are looking for products of quality and that are, perhaps, a little unique.  Please do not worry if you feel that your products do not represent Scotland, our aim is to promote products from Scotland, not just those that have a specific Scottish look.