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Why sell with us

Tell everyone about yourself

We offer you your own online shop front, with your individual logo, where you can sell your products to a national and international buying audience.

We do not just let anyone on here

Each designer - producer needs to meet the criteria of our quality checklist.

Make it happen

We have a dedicated team of digital marketers who will work hard to promote the site through SEO and pay per click campaigns and our very own PR guru who channels the more traditional print routes.  We will also have extensive social media coverage on both Facebook and Twitter.

We will not only promote the madefromscotland.com brand but also, in conjunction with our designers-producers, promote individual products.  We will never do this, however, without your express consent to ensure that you are happy with the content of the campaign and that the route chosen matches your brand.

You want how many?

We have an easy to use stock management system which allows you, and not us, to dictate how many of a certain product you want to produce and make available.


You will also have a dedicated Account Manager to assist you throughout your time with us, whether it’s helping on the technology side, the merchandising or look and feel of your shop, they will be on hand for you.

Too much paperwork…

We manage the e-commerce – its online administration and compliance checks, so you don’t have to. 

You won’t get lost in the jumble

We have extensive search categories, including the ability for buyers to search by geographical location, promoting the varied types and styles of products available from different areas of Scotland as well as giving the buyer the opportunity to purchase something from somewhere they have visited or have an affinity with.

We are not just about those living outside of Scotland, our aim is to promote buying Scottish in Scotland as well as further afield.